A Refresher

Finals week approaches, as does the end of my first summer semester and my first full year of Speed School hell *cough* I mean learning and enjoyment of broadening my horizons. My posting has been incredibly light this summer. For this I apologize. I know that I have countless people waiting to read about my oh-so-exciting life. I just don't feel the creative juices flowing. I don't know if it's because of my lack of effort or the incredible amount of calculus, chemistry and physics I had to choke down this summer. So..I'll give you a quick list of some of the exciting things that have happened in my life. Yay.

*Threlkeld Hall has provided fresh new friends as well as opportunities to strengthen my wonderful friendships with the Center Hall groupies. There is nothing better than spending your nights talking, watching illegally downloaded movies or throwing a frisbee up and down the hall.

*Going along with the friend thing, I have rediscovered the joys of hanging with a Catholic crowd. Not that my Catholic friends are any better than the non-Catholic ones or that I love them any more, it's just a different feeling being around them. These types of friendships are one of the things that I miss about high school.

*Matt Parris has claimed me for his own. So, we're making the most of what little time we have left before he moves on to bigger and better things in Florida.

*I think I'm going to have a 4.o semester!! (that is if I get my butt into gear and study for finals)

*I get to move into an apartment soon!

Hmm....that's about it I think. Any questions or comments can be directed to the comments link below. Thank you and have a good night!