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As a poor college student, the creative part of your brain never rests. Friday rolls around and everyone has just enough money to eat dinner...and that's it. Today was one of those days. After stressful week number seven of engineering summer school, we were ready for a break. Over the past few weeks I have decided that being in school will not keep me from getting a tan. So after roasting in the over ninety degree weather for a little bit, we decided that it was time for a run through the fountain across campus. Now, for those of you who don't know about the fountain on 3rd/4th Street by Center Hall, it's HUGE!! It's like a free water park...kinda. Anyway, it makes us feel better and all the stress is washed away by big water. A few rounds on the swing set later, we are ready to head back over to our home away from home, Threlkeld Hall.

Then the big question arises, "What are we going to do tonight?" My buddies, Nick and Grant, and I decided to head on down to Bardstown Rd for some Qdoba and then the Homemade Pie Kitchen. After wandering around Bardstown Rd for awhile, we decide that we want to go to a thrift store. You know how us crazy college kids are. So, we head on down Preston and make our way to the Unique Thrift Store, which happens to close one minute before we arrive. So, we go to the next best thing, the Big Lots next door. Now, I have never been in a Big Lots in my life. So, I feel like I am in a huge yard sale. We walked around a little bit and find ourselves in the food section. Looking around, we decide that Big Lots sells the nastiest food and drinks available. Being the bright engineering students we are, we think that it would be a good idea to have a contest to see who can find the grossest drink. So we all purchase two foul looking drinks each and head back to campus. Upon arrival to Nick's room, we bust out the drinks and start passing them around. I am proud to say that I won by a landslide with Beach Peach Tea.

Now I'm off to finish up the night with a free movie! Oh the joys of college. I wouldn't trade these crazy nights for anything!


Blogger lasoski said...

That's such a beautiful truth, I look back on my four years, and those crazy freshman shenanigans are by far, above and beyond the best times. You'll never be able to recreate them.

Enjoy them now while they're in your midst.

Savor every last drop... Tomorrow you'll wake up and the dream that is college will be over.

7:23 PM  

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