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Catholic School Kids

This is on one of the groups on facebook. I thought it was hilarious. I changed it a little because the grammar was bad and some of the things were stupid. I hope you get a kick out of this, especially if you can relate to most of them!

For those whose cafeteria lunches were better than most, whose sports teams won more state titles than anyone else, where the parking lot was full of more beemers than oldsmobiles, where it was insane if you got in trouble for not tucking in your shirt, even though not a day of your life went by that the rule was not stated clearly, where you had to pay money for the right to wear your own clothes. If alcohol was present at parties in 7th grade, if your parents have ever gotten drunk at a church function with your friends parents, if you have thrown up a little in your mouth when someone else suddenly springs on you that they went to *gasp* public school, if you don’t understand what special ed classes are (aren’t they for like, kids who have ADD and take untimed tests??), if you can recite 15 minutes worth of prayer and not blink an eye, if listening to the rosary out loud is nothing new for you, if you’ve gone to group reconciliation, if you don’t want to hold the kid next to you’re hand because of " sweaty palms", if your school was decorated to the nines for xmas, if your navy blue mini is 8 years old and hung to your ankles in 3rd grade, if you have more white polos than anyone in their right mind should ever own, if you know that a sock is only the correct height if it is precisely 3 inches above your anklebone, if you have had more than one teacher who is an ex nun or is a nun themselves.


The past weekend was wonderful. Eball, like EVERYONE else has said, was a great time. So many things made it that way. I had a wonderful date, got to see a dance number by some crazy guys, danced my little heart and just had a blast. On Sunday I got to hang out with a friend from Indiana who is in town for spring break. We went to the Vine and just hung out. It's great to catch up with old friends and just have a good time.

This is "hell week" for many students. The week before spring break hits hard. But...my two hard test and midterm of the week are done. The calc test was a little brutal...but I surivived it. So...I am ready for spring break, whatever that week may bring.

All we need now is some warm weather...



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