These are all retreat pictures!!!

This is my small group!!!

This girl named Jenna drew her group on the table cloth.

The team had breakfast duty one morning. Oh joy!

Rose, Brittany, Meghan and Brittany enjoying an EARLY morning.


As of Late

Sorry I haven't posted in ages. Life has been pretty busy for me. But for the most part, it has been a good kind of busy. Here's what I've been up to:

On Valentine's Day: Had a hot date with my calculus 2. It went over well and our date proved successful when I found out I got an A on the calc test!

The next day: Went on a real date! This one was much more fun than the double date with Thomas and Finney (as Ming said) the night before.

Over the weekend: I led a Christian Awakening retreat in sweet home Indiana. This was an amazing experience. Even though I attended this retreat my senior year in high school, I think I got more out of it this time around. I really have no words to really describe the experience other than to say that it was one of the best things I have done in a long time.

On Saturday: I had to leave retreat to go to an interview for a RA position. I think this went well, but I will not find out details about the job until after spring break!!!

Monday: I recovered from the lack of sleep during the retreat. I also helped out with E-days. The high school I was assisting decided to leave early, even before the free pizza! So, I was adopted into Dave's group. Having this day off school was wonderful.

Tuesday(yesterday): After a really hard calc test in the morning (with I got an A on also!!!) and an easy physics lab, I had the wonderful opportunity to go see the one, the only, Matt Morris at comedy caravan. They had amateur's night and he had a three minute spot. He was hilarious. I was very impressed. Hopefully he will be called back to do a longer spot.

This is my life up to today. How exciting! Thanks for tuning in to this addition of Katie's Boring Life.


Happy Valentine's Day!

What a beautiful day it has turned out to be today! Pretty days put me in such a good mood. And today just so happens to be the most commercially romantic day of the year!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


What to do...

Before this semester started I was looking at my schedule and my books. The more I looked at them, the less I looked forward to taking the classes. The semester started and I really do not enjoy my classes, but that's life right? But as I went to class I started asking myself if this is really what I want. I have no idea what I want to do with my life and I am mostly here in Speed School because it seemed like the only option. Nothing else even jumped out at me. These thoughts have been in the back of my mind. I have been thinking about what else I would enjoy doing.

Soo...tonight I was talking to one of my friends from Leadership Advantage. She has decided to switch out of Speed. We talked about it and she is kind of in the same situation as me. She decided to take the plunge and leave. Now the thought of leaving has resurfaced. Do I do what I am good at or what I enjoy? How do I choose...and how do I find something that satisfies both? Please help me!