My First Skiing Experience

So, this past weekend, I went skiing. I had never been skiing, but I thought it would be a good, fun experience. Now, I'm not saying that it was not good and fun. But if you have never been skiing, DO NOT GO TO MIDNIGHT SKIING TO LEARN!!! It was about 9 degrees outside and windy. There was a layer of ice over everything. SOO...let me tell the story.

This huge group from Phase 2 was meeting at 10 p.m. and then heading to Paoli from there. I was riding there with Ming, Stu, and Stewart, great guys, and great skiers. We stopped to get some coffee so we would have a little boost and some energy. The ride there was fun, I was excited, a little nervous, but excited. So, we pull into the parking lot and get out into the freezing weather. After standing in line to get out skis and poles, we are ready to go. The boys take me outside and tell me how to put on my skis and then tell me the basics of what to do (this is the point where everything goes downhill, literally and figuratively). I attempted to ski. I am sure that it was pretty comical to watch, me falling down all over the place. I quickly learned that I cannot pick myself up when I fall down. Partly because there was ice everywhere and I was sliding all over the place and partly because I have no upper body strength whatsoever. The guys were great though. They helped me up and gave me tips the whole time. I know that they wanted to go and do all the thing that good skiers do, but they were patient.

After twice down the bunny hill thing, they decided to take me on the “family trail”. It took me a good long while to get down this one. I fell, oh, let’s say about 15 times, mostly because I did not like going really fast and out of control. The solution to going fast was…fall over! YAY! After this little experience, I let the boys go and have fun. I stayed nice and warm in the lodge, eating my french fries and talking to random people.

The other night when we left, I really did not think that I would ever go skiing again. But now, after the pain is all gone, I think I need to give it at least one more shot, this time during the day when the sun is shining and it’s not so freaking cold. I don’t try new things as often as I should. I am glad I went, even if it’s just to say that I tried it and am terrible at it.


I can't think of a title

As I sit at my desk and listen to Megan's music fill the air, I think back over my day. It was a good day, nice short first calculus test this morning. Nice mid-morning nap. Not so nice being the only girl in physics lab, but it happens. Got my work done, did a little homework. Learned, once again, that saying sorry when you are sincerely sorry makes you feel so much better. So, I also said I am sorry and saved what might have been a lost friendship. And that was the best part of the day.

In Center Hall, room 217, we have a little routine. Every Tuesday night, Megan, Chad and I gather together and watch the Real World. I know that this is one of the most ridiculous shows on television, but for some reason, we are addicted. So tonight we watched our show and had our trash filling for the week. Then, after the show, we just left the tv on MTV. After watching about another hour of it, I was so thankful that I was not really really rich. I never want to be. I mean, come on, who has a t.v. just for their dogs? Or a room just with pillows in it? I think my life is crazy enough without having to worry about what to do with all that money. But who knows, when I marry my rich man, my views may change a little.



No Title

Do you know what the worst way to wake up is? A phone call informing you that someone has passed away. This morning, the phone call was telling me that Nathan Schaefer's father had died last night. I have known Nathan Schaefer my entire life. We went to grade school and high school together. He is one of those people I consider to be more than a friend, a brother. His father is the only family he has.

Please keep Nathan and his father in your prayers today and this week. Rest in peace David Schaefer.


Great Idea

"Given that more than 10 percent of the world's population is left-handed, it's probably economically feasible for certain mass-produced items to be specifically designed for both left- and right-handers. Such special designs might include kitchen utensils, common drawing intruments, and hand tools."
-The Left-Hander's Calander, January 9, 2005

I think this is one of the best ideas in a long time. But for some reason, it's just not catching on.


It's Almost Over

Ahh...the last days of Christmas break...

I am ready to head back to campus. There are several reasons for this. If you are interested, keep reading, if not, I'll probably tell you about it later, just for fun. So, here I go.

Reasons Katie is ready to go back to the University of Louisville:
1. My Southern Indiana home is a madhouse. There are SOOO many people there, little ones especially. I forgot what it was like to live with that many people. I also became the built in babysitter again, which is fine, but can be an inconvenience at times. While the food has been a nice change and I love being with my family, I am looking forward to living with the one and only Megan Brown again. Also, Momma Harper gets nervous about everything. I know she is a mom, but I can't even go to the store at night without her telling me to be careful and not to die.

2. I hate Target. Last night I spent the my last hours working there. I will no longer return used shoes or toilet bowl brushes. I will no longer listen to the endless reasons why people don't have receipts or tags. I will no longer have to listen to unhappy employees complain about how tired or overworked or whatever they are. While I learned and earned a lot from that job, it is one that I am happily putting in my past.

3. I like the routine of school. I also enjoy learning and doing something, even if it is calc homework. I miss having a routine. It seems as if I get nothing accomplished at home (what is there to get accomplished you ask? I don't know, but it sounded good). The one thing that I did do at my house this break was make THREE scarves!!! It was fun, but I had a little too much free time.

4. I miss the U of L posse. Since most of my friends are from this posse, it have spent a lot of break getting excited about seeing them again.

5. I am addicted to The Sims 2. I need something else in my life to get me away from it for a little while.

I like numbered lists. Those are the main reasons why I am ready to move back into Center and get on with my life. Thanks for staying around for another part of Katie's Life. Tune in next time for more exciting experiences, hopefully.